The Do’s and Don’ts of Home Equity Loans

Posted by Joshua Fitzgerald // August 4, 2016

Let your home put up the cash for its own improvements (but not for that new sports car). With home values rising, homeowners who have equity, a much-valued resource, might be tempted to tap some of that wealth and use it for other purposes. But depending on your personal situation and how you’d like to […]

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How to Sell a House With Tenants

Posted by Joshua Fitzgerald // August 2, 2016

With any luck, your renter will help you show your home to its full potential. Here’s what you can do if that’s not the case. As the real estate market continues to recover in many parts of the country, millions of homeowners will consider getting back in the market, after unsuccessful attempts just a few […]

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5 Rental Must-Haves for Baby Boomers

Posted by Ratchata Blankley // July 28, 2016

Here’s what you need to think about if you’re 65+ and looking to rent. The Baby Boomer generation is proving once again that they’re anything but predictable. In fact, Boomers are one of the fastest growing groups of renters in the country, and their numbers are expected to grow upwards of 12 million by 2030. While many Boomers […]

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3 Weird Things You Can Ignore When Home Shopping

Posted by Joshua Fitzgerald // July 26, 2016

Ugly paint colors? Treadmill in the kitchen? Creepy family portraits in every room? Don’t let it bug you.  In 15 years of real estate, I can honestly say that I’ve seen it all. Toilet seats up in listing photos, shag carpet covered with dog hair, bedrooms doubling as marijuana growing centers, and avocado green appliances from […]

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The Plain English Guide to Homeowner Tax Benefits

Posted by Joshua Fitzgerald // July 21, 2016

Breaking down the costs and benefits of owning a home may help you get through your taxes without a headache. If you’re like many homeowners at tax time, you don’t know how to calculate your homeowner tax benefits, and instead just follow the steps of online tax programs or have your tax adviser figure it […]

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Is Your Home the One Buyers Want?

Posted by Joshua Fitzgerald // July 19, 2016

Boost your home’s sales appeal by adding key amenities and playing up hot features. When it comes time to sell your home, whether you’ve lived there for three years or 30, you need to see it as a product for sale. And just like an item on a store shelf, you want your home to stand […]

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DIY Monogram Planter Tutorial

Posted by Joshua Fitzgerald // July 16, 2016

DIY MONOGRAM PLANTER TUTORIAL On top of being just stunning with those impatiens in bloom, this monogram planter is a great way to get in some practice with a compound miter saw! (The cuts will vary depending on which letter you choose, of course.) I especially like that this design creates mini planter rows for the […]

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Think Outside the Box: Exterior Considerations When House Hunting

Posted by Joshua Fitzgerald // July 14, 2016

Most home buyers focus on what’s on the inside of a house, but neglecting the outside could cost you. It’s easy to get tunnel vision while house hunting. When you fall hard and fast for a house, you may be willing to do just about anything to make it your own. But even if you’ve found […]

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Avoiding Home Buyer’s Remorse

Posted by Joshua Fitzgerald // July 12, 2016

Home shopping can be an intense, emotional process. Here’s how to make sure you don’t get caught up in it. Ever bought something special and later realized you didn’t need it or like it after all? Usually, returning it is as simple as boxing it back up, locating the receipt, and taking it back to […]

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Lease Agreements: 5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Negotiate

Posted by Joshua Fitzgerald // July 7, 2016

From reduced pet rent to extra parking passes, when it comes to rental perks, it never hurts to ask. By Stephanie Reid, Avvo attorney and NakedLaw contributor When you factor in the formulaic legal documents, generic 20-minute interview, and perfunctory tour of the apartment and its amenities, it’s not unusual for renters to feel like they […]

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